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Churchill Figurines


$1,499 (shipping included)

• Limited edition of 750;

• Signed and numbered laminated certificate of authenticity;

• Measures 22 inches high by 16 inches wide;

• Constructed from high grade casting resins and granulated marble, finished in white;

• Mounted on a solid wood plinth of hand-finished English ash.

Churchill Figurines

“Winston Churchill The Artist” has been sculpted to exacting detail, from the lines on Churchill’s face to the hairs of the paintbrush in his right hand, from the signet ring appearing on Churchill’s finger of the right hand to special details of the siren suit Churchill wore while painting. Lady Mary Soames (Churchill’s youngest daughter and sole surviving child) and Ms. Celia Sandys (Churchill’s granddaughter) provided advise, recommendations, and criticism throughout all phases of the project to insure perfection in every possible way. Lady Soames commented upon completion, “This is my father.” The image sculpted on the easel’s canvas is a likeness of the portrait Churchill painted of his wife, Clementine (a reproduced photocopy of the original portrait appears in the background in the picture above). The overall result is that “Winston Churchill The Artist” is the finest contribution to Churchilliana ever produced and, indeed, can be expected to represent the showcase piece in any Churchilliana collection.