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Franklin Mint
"To The Last Man"
Battle of the Alamo


Sculpted to meticulous detail in solid pewter by renowned military artist/sculptor Sheperd Paine for the Franklin Mint in 1986, “To the Last Man” commemorates the 150th anniversary of the battle of the Alamo. The piece is an exquisite action diorama consisting of 10 separately casted and uniformed figures intended to be viewed as a three dimensional work of art. Issued in a limited edition number of 4,500 with a certificate of authenticity. Modeled in a 1:20 scale, measuring 13 inches long and over 12 inches high on a finished mahogany wood base. Davy Crocket is seen swinging a Kentucky flintlock rifle, while the Texican beside him fires an 1812 musket. The Mexicans carry British Brown Bess rifles, wear classic Napoleonic headgear but are shoed in sandals! Price is the original issue price. Shipping is not included but will be at cost at the buyer’s expense